Saturday, August 25, 2007

Apathy Jack writes:

Today there are two pieces of video goodness. Actually, goodness is entirely the wrong word, given that we’re dealing with The Aphex Twin. I thought for a while about how to describe his music, and the best I can do is that it is your worst. Fucking. Nightmare. Ever. In musical form.

The first video is Come To Daddy, without exception the single most disturbing song/video combination that I’ve ever seen.

Also, the “sequel” of sorts (in so far as it uses the same tropes, so makes more sense if you’ve seen Come To Daddy) Windowlicker, which isn’t so much a music video as it is a short film about Aphex Twin. Basic concept: What if your worst. Fucking. Nightmare. Ever. Was also a hip-hop video.

(As per usual, linked to rather than embedded because of the drop in quality that comes with embedding.)

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