Thursday, August 16, 2007

More or less looking out for me

Apathy Jack writes:

So, one of my Lost Ones left Hoodrat at the same time that I did. I ran into her a week ago, and got her new number. Got a text tonight:

How’re you?
I’m well. I’ve had a cold/flu, but it’s getting better. You?
Rather sick, actually. Fever. It’s horrible.
Probably the same as I had.
Maybe near-tackling you and making you carry me made me sick.
Well, no good comes to those who attempt to harm me – karma is on my side.
I’d hardly call that an attempt to hurt you, sir. It was an odd way of showing affection.
True, but karma gets confused sometimes.
You think so? I reckon it was misdirected karma as my friend was rude and stayed quiet. I need new friends.
You know where you could find a bunch of new friends? School. You still wagging?
I hate school. I hate my current school and its pupils. I don’t get along with the majority of them. So chances are... I’m not going to make any friends.
You need to find people with common interests.
I suppose so. But I can’t see that happening where I am now.
Are you sure? I’m pretty sure it could have happened at Hoodrat.
Hoodrat is, and will always be a terrible school with a few decent teachers and pupils.
You’re exactly right, but you’re missing my point – there were people with common interests there, and there may be at your new school.
My new school has what... 3 Caucasians. And I really disliked Hoodrat, to the point where I didn’t want to be there. That must say something to you.
I felt the same way about Hoodrat eventually... And you don’t need Caucasians – they make brown emos; you’d get on with them. (Yes you would.)
LOL. I guess so. But this is South Auckland.
Even my school has half a dozen – it’s about as far south as you, and has exactly one white student.
Holy shit! Are you serious?!1?!
Yep – exactly one palagi.
Shocking. Do you like your new school?
Yes, I do. I liked Hoodrat, but the New School is better.
What’s so good about your new school?
Better management – less corrupt and inefficient.
Sounds ideal.
It makes my life considerably easier.
Still no girlfriend, sir?
Mind your business.
LOL you know me. Nosey as hell.
True. To satisfy your curiosity: Yes, I have a girlfriend, and no, you don’t get to find out all about her.
Congrats, sir! She better be nice or I’ll have to have a little chat with her. Mnk?
She’s very nice, don’t worry.
Good. I would give her the mean beatdowns if she didn’t treat you well.
So far, she’s safe from you.
Pfft I’ll get her.
I’d really rather you didn’t...
I know, I know. More or less looking out for you.
I suppose that means I’ve got it better than some people.
Indeed you do. You have a student army, you know.
I used to...
Still do. Plenty of students you’ve befriended have your back.
Well, that could come in handy if I ever decide to take over various things.
Indeed. Heil Mister.
That’s right. Mister Prevails.

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RSJS said...

Hope you're not on pre-pay.