Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Books You Should Be Reading Number 23 Of A Bunch

Apathy Jack writes:

The Lazy Boys by Carl Shuker

Let it sit there, a book of statistics and cognitive theories useless as Todd Johnson, a book of veiled accusations I could no longer stand hearing, I could no longer pull the truth from. I never even finished the last chapter properly. I can’t read anymore. No books can help me now; things are too far down. The effort to read and understand just seems too immense, the prospect of finding myself or any opening too elusive. Let it sit there along with the other books that just sit there, that lie beneath my bed gathering dust, that lie next to the khaki cloth-wrapped shape of my father’s rifle and the box of bullets I stole from my parents’ house when we stopped by on the way back from Christchurch, all the killer books picked full of holes, and my Marketing Research Methods 1.3 and my Oxford Complete Shakespeare and my Top 500 Poems, the covers and the edges of the pages all beer-stained and cigarette-singed, the pages themselves pristine, white and clean, untouched, unread


In addition to being a very good – if very, very dark – book, The Lazy Boys also features Marc Ellis playing the part of Marc Ellis, where he gets the line “I'm the demon Belial and I am hate.”

If that isn’t reason enough to go and give Carl Shuker some of your hard panhandled money, I don’t know what is...

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