Friday, October 20, 2006

Poing Fwip!

Josh writes:

Jesus Crap -- what's happened to us all? Nary a post in over a week now. I thought you were sitting on a couple, young Morthos? Oh well, up to me, I guess.


Of course, I'm handicapped by not giving a rat's arse about most of what's going on in the world. That petition everyone's going on about has topped 25,000 -- wow, that's nearly a fifth as many signatures as the petition to put Star Wars kid in Episode III got! Hear the voice of the people -- how mighty it doth rumble. But anyway.

Nope, none of this politicking matters to me, but I will say this: calling people names makes you sound like a cock. "Klark", "Liar-bour", "Helengrad", "the Gnats" -- if you use these terms, you sound like a cock. Not because of anything to do with the political views you may be employing them in aid of, but because making up insulting variations on people's names is a rhetorical technique that sounds childish coming out of the mouths of actual children when they do it in the school yard -- from an educated (or at least Net-savvy) adult, "pathetic" isn't nearly a strong enough word.

I remember once seeing a smirking movie critic say that he calls Gwyneth Paltrow "Gwyneth Paltry", because of her paltry acting talents -- no, you call her that because "paltry" is the only fucking word in the English language that sounds at all like "Paltrow", you imagination-free arse tick. As for Jerry Falwell's smug declaration that he calls Ellen Degeneres "Ellen Degenerate" -- from any person old enough to feed themselves without a sipper cup, that's just sad. Especially when it was much easier to just call her "not funny".

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