Friday, July 08, 2005

Hang the DJ

Josh writes:

It does not make me a bad person that I'm not overly concerned by the London bombings.

Obviously, for the individuals concerned -- the victim and their families -- I have great sympathy, and for the individuals responsible, I have nothing but contempt. Nevertheless, not too worried. London will be fine. London is hard. London took the Blitz and told the IRA to fuck off -- it will eat this puny "terror", piss on its fires and be down the pub with its mates while you're still trying to get reception back on your mobile, you soft cunt.

Now, what may make me a bad person is that I've had Panic stuck in my head since I first opened the paper this morning...

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Anonymous said...

OMG! Us too! We got out our Best of the Smiths album as soon as we saw the news and had a bottle of wine and a singalong! It was waaaaay better than the Salford Lads Club!