Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Apathy Jack writes:

The elections are less than two months away, so I’ve decided to work on a wee project.

Before the big Unistat elections last year, I kept myself entertained by making a wee page called POPlitics. Go have a brief look and then come back.

Right, you get the gist. Anyway, I’m thinking that I’ll make a new page like that for the upcoming NZ elections. So what I’m doing here is soliciting links. If anyone out there has something they think would be appropriate, then it probably is, and I’ll no doubt use it.

There are no real rules, because this is a simple boredom related project, but here are some guidelines to smooth the process:

* I’m really looking for links that are either humourous (or at the very least a burlesque demonstration of the Sport of Kings) or revealing something that the proles won’t necessarily have known before, say some news that wasn’t spread as far as you thin it should have been. Sure “B is for Brash” is obvious, but rather than just a link to National’s website, how about a link to a funny Brash cartoon, or better yet, surveillance photos of that drunken night with Helen Clarke that they think no one knows about?

* Be as creative as you want. If you come up with a cuttingly funny “H is for Hide – Here is a link to masturbationhorror.com” entry, then by all means send it in. Or, if you just have a link you think is interesting or funny, then send it in without commentary, and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Don’t be shy of whoring yourself out. If you’ve got an entry on your blog (and you all do, bloggers being an incestuous little community) that you think would be a good contribution, then by all means send it in. Of course anyone who sends me something will get linked to (so that the three people who look at the page will get to see you in all your glory).

Stuff (and nonsense) sent via the ‘Contact’ thingy out on the front page.


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David Slack said...

T is for tax cuts.

(Or D is for delusional, or S is for self-interest)