Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Apathy Jack writes:

One day during a poetry study, doing a close analysis of that masterpiece of English verse: Woo Hah (Got You All In Check) by Busta Rhymes:

“Mister, what’s Moet?”
“A particularly expensive French wine.”
“And what’s Cisco?”
“A particularly cheap American beer. Essentially what Busta Rhymes is saying in this line is that he is happy to forgo the fancy beverages, and will settle for the low-class, cheaper alternative.”
“But Mister, didn’t he do that song Pass The Courvoisier about how he wanted really nice cognac?”
“He did. And what does that tell us?”
“He changed, he’s a sellout.”
“Very good.”

Yes, I am the best teacher ever, thanks for asking.

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Ms A said...

One of my debating boys (who in the past has commented on the attire of women)saw an elegant and professional teacher from another school wearing fishnet stockings. He told his companion that she looked like a prostitute. This, as you can imagine, required a long and informed feminist discussion of how we judge others and the privacy of sexuality. His comments have since become a joke, and tonight told me that I should wear fishnets so he could tell me I looke like a stripper.

I almost stalled the van at the lights.

Because he was within slapping distance.