Thursday, June 07, 2007

Apathy Jack writes:

Standing outside my class, dogmatically going through the Marley-esque chain of keys I’ve been given now that all the locks have been replaced. One of my new ones attracts my attention, and points at a girl who appears to be hiding behind another, larger girl.
“She’s scared of you, Sir.”
“Nah!” Or some other equally articulate noise, as the girl comes out of hiding and wanders with aggressive nonchalance over to wait outside her classroom.
I walk over to where she is intently peering into the empty room. My one calls her name, and she turns around, to see me standing behind her. She shrieks, stumbles backwards and falls to the ground.
I address her: “See, people who aren’t scared of me: they don’t usually do that...”

Building my reputation here probably won’t take as long as I was worried it might...

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