Monday, June 25, 2007

Apathy Jack writes:

I notice people have been embedding music in their posts of late. Now, of course, I don’t listen to anything that doesn’t have Christina Aguilera in it, but I have long loved the art form of the music video. It makes me sad that 90% of what one sees on C4 and Juice is simply footage of the bands acting like dicks. (Alt saves us from this – near as I can tell, they don’t actually play music videos, choosing instead to go the brave route of having talentless artwankers talking about nothing for hours and hours and hours without even hinting at the idea of ever playing an actual honest-to-god music video. Except the Grunge show. That’s awesome.)

Anyhoo, today, you get possibly the best music video ever made: Everlong by the Foo Fighters. Doesn’t matter if you don’t like the song (and I personally am long over it), but in terms of concept, execution, and meshing with the song, you don’t get better than it.

You find it here.

(I’ve given the link rather than embed it because embedding always causes a drop in picture quality.)


Hewligan said...

I think the important message of that video is to remind us that as unattractive a man as Dave Grohl is, he's a far less attractive woman.

Josh said...

Sorry, all I heard was "Christina Aguilera" and then something about music videos.

I assume you were talking about the sport to be had in making history-literate feminists sit through the video for "Candyman", then watching as their heads explode when Xtina poses as Rosie the Riveter in between flashing her panties and singing about what an enormous cock her boyfriend has.

Blair said...

I do believe that Dave Grohl was dressed up as a rather geeky looking man. The one in drag was drummer Taylor Hawkins, who actually scrubs up pretty well as a girl (probably the blonde hair) in my opinion.

That said, Dave Grohl is wearing a bra in the Aneurysm video. Not pretty.

Josh said...

Indeed, it was the "Learn to Fly" video that established that Dave Grohl makes an ugly, ugly woman.

David S. said...

While that vid is among my favourites, I don't think it comes close to

.. those are some fucking scary midgets IMO

Apathy Jack said...

Don't worry - both Christina and Aphex Twin will be making appearance on my list of Music Videos You Should Be Watching. (By the way - I'm doing this every week now.)

Mrs Smith said...

Why are so many Youtube commenters attempting to play it on their guitars? And failing?