Thursday, December 23, 2004


Josh writes:

Current contents of my desk drawer at work: 13 Losec bottles, dating back to August 2002.

Losec is one of the most prescribed drugs in the world, and makes my stomach stop trying to digest my oesophagus though a herniated sphincter. I can help by staying away from foods that result in excess acidity, like soft drinks.
Drawer O' Losec

Current contents of my rubbish bin at work:

Bin O' Dew

I quit Mountain Dew quite some time ago, but now I'm not sleeping well, so I've fallen off the wagon and gone back to its joyous short term sugar rush.

Due to the not sleeping starting to become a pain in the arse, I'm also now on a drug that is technically an anti-depressant, but is also used as a sleeping pill, so I can sleep better, so I don't need the caffeinated carbonic acid so much, so I don't need the Losec so much.

I should mention that I've never been drunk in my life, that the amount of alcohol I've ingested over my lifetime would fit in one bucket, and that the closest I've come to recreational drug use is passively smoking marijuana while in the presence of stoners. The moral of the story is: You can still get all fucked up on drugs while experiencing neither chemically-induced euphoria nor the allure and mystique of illegality.

But it just doesn't seem fair somehow.

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