Thursday, October 16, 2008


Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling writes:

I suppose as the last active contributor here it falls to me to call "time". It has been an enjoyable four years with you all but I shall join the migration to my own projects elsewhere. The diaspora is as follows:

Brother Morthos now writes at All Embracing but Underwhelming.

Apathy Jack contributes to Johnny the Red.

I have resurrected my original foray into blogging at Lolly Scramble with a review of the North Shore candidate's meeting.

Both RSJS and Josh appear to be on blogger hiatus though Josh did produce Monkey Fluids for three years.

See you round,



Anonymous said...

farewell stabbers. have enjoyed your writing for many a year.

Julie said...

Colour me sad :-(.

Oh, and late.

Rick said...

Take it easy. And come back another day, EO.

EPRD said...

How can We manage this all damn EPDM

Unknown said...

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